This site contains many memory book ideas for you to try. Sometimes, what is written may not be exactly what you want, but many articles can be adapted to your own particular requirements, so even if a suggestion is not exactly what you want, it may well form the launchpad to get you started on the right path.

There are ideas on this site about how and where to start, where to finish, what to include and what to exclude, how to preserve photographs, videos and newspaper cuttings, and how to create and print out a family tree that you can edit and other members of your family can also save for themselves.

The memory book ideas can be adapted to meet your needs, and we are grateful for all those who have contributed in any way. Some people have contributed without realizing it, we've heard them suggest something, or seen something that they've done, and have simply added it to our collection of knowledge. Other people have directly contacted us with suggestions that we've been happy to take on board.

Have You Got Memory Book Ideas?

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